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McKelvie Intermediate School Raises Funds for a Segway and Scooter for ES Riders

Once again over $7,000.00 has been  raised this year (2015) for ES Riders by the students and staff of McKelvie Intermediate School in Bedford, NH.  Their Community Action Team (CAT) has sponsored  drives over the past six years for ES Riders.  The Student Council, staff, students, and parents supported the CAT Team in this effort.   According to Ginny Toland, CAT Team Facilitator,  "It takes a village to make this kind of a difference, and McKelvie Intermediate School proved once again that they are a team!"   To date, McKelvie Intermediate School  has raised over $41,000 to benefit ES Riders.  Their efforts, along with support from Corporate Sponsors has helped eleven  individuals receive the "freedom to ride".    This year"s recipients will be a student Haleigh Morgan who will receive a Segway at an assembly to be held at McKelvie on the 16th of June and a veteran who will also receive a scooter. 

Please join us on congratulating Ginny Toland who has been the person most responsible for the success of the fundraisers at McKelvie Intermediate School for the ES Riders group. Ginny will be retiring this year and will be missed by all.




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